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Own Your Spoken Voice

Do you own your spoken voice or do you hide?

So many of us hide.

We hide in ways that make us small.

Some of us dress quietly, or scruffily, to avoid being noticed.

During covid lock down we hid in our homes and now some of us are still afraid to leave.

Some of us accept being in relationships where we don’t feel seen or heard.

Some of us don’t allow ourselves to really dream or believe we can live the lives we really want.  

Many people compromise by doing a job that they hate or that makes them feel small. 

And many people hide in their voices.

How About You?

Do you speak in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s really your voice that comes out of your mouth?

Does your voice betray insecurities that you otherwise successfully hide?

Have you made changes in your life but your voice is the one thing that hasn’t caught up?


Do want to make changes in your life, to feel more in command and confident and you would like to start by learning how to own your spoken voice.

At some point we are all told to be quieter.  

Some people take the advise literally and make their voices smaller. 

Others over compensate by being louder than they might otherwise be.  

What would your voice be like if you hadn’t been raised in the family and society you grew up in?

Uncover the spoken voice that really shows who you are meant to be.

Why work with me to “own your spoken voice”?

I understand.  

I understand about being afraid to live in a fully empowered way and I know how hard it is to do the work to to live authentically.  

I also know it’s worth it.

My name is Rebecca and I hide in my clothes. I admit that and I am gently working on it. I am also working on uncovering what my sensuality will be as a confident woman in her 40’s. 

You might think it’s no big deal to dress in a sexy or sassy manner. That’s fab. Please help me with that but that’s not my forte.  

 Alternatively I could tell you that in 2021 I left my marriage and got diagnosed with MS and I’ve been getting my head around owning that stuff since then.  

I never claim to be the finished article. I am sceptical of anyone who says they have got themselves “sorted” but I do think we are all in different parts of our journey.

I’m not confident every day but I am ok with that.  I am enjoying the journey that I’m on and I’d love to take you along with me.

My forte is unlocking voices. I am fully equipped with the tools to empower you to OWN YOUR SPOKEN VOICE and I can help you with that.

One more thing about me – I’m not a guru, I’m a guide.  

We do the work together.  

In a safe space and together we uncover the voice that feels like it is meant to be yours.

For more info about me see this page, but more than that I suggest you also check out my socials and blogs I’ve written.  

I offer one to one tuition working on spoken and sung voice and the jewel in the crown in this work is the  Own Your Spoken Voice Workshop.

I own my spoken voice and you can own yours too.

This work is important.  

This work is life changing.


What is “Own Your Spoken Voice” all about?


Own your spoken voice is all about empowering people to love their spoken voices.

Through workshops and tuition we uncover your authentic voice and increase your confidence in speaking and in life.

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