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Own Your Spoken Voice 

This is a workshop where we explore your personal blocks about speaking out and being heard.  

The morning centres on body and breath work.  

Your Spoken Voice Nemesis

In the afternoon we explore each person’s “spoken out loud nemesis”.  This is the very thing that you are afraid to say out loud, with confidence. 

For many people their greatest discomfort is speaking their name out loud to a group.  *

For others it may be reading out loud their creative work or giving a formal presentation.

By the end of the workshop you will confidently own your spoken voice by saying to the group the very thing that you are most afraid to say.

And whilst you will be being supremely brave you will feel safe and held throughout the process.

I’ll pretend to be Beyonce, who would you like to channel?

The next workshop

When and Where? – Sunday 2nd July 2023 – 9.30 -16.30 in Alvechurch, Worcestershire.

WhatsApp group support before and after the workshop.

Follow up 1-2-1 online check in afterwards for each participant.

Cost – £80 if booked before 30 May 2023 (then £100)**

Limited to 6 participants.

You will be part of a small group who will work together. You will have to speak in front of the group but it is a completely safe space to do so. 

There are further classes available course “graduates” to keep developing your voice and your confidence.

**If you are on a low income but wish to attend with a bursary send me an email with the details to see what I can offer to help.

* Personally I spend so long using my married name and my maiden name and not being sure which I was meant to use that I felt I lost ownership of my name. After my divorce I wanted my name back completely and goodness me it was a pain in the neck changing everything back. I still have to check that I’m giving the “correct” name when I sign into hospitals or hotels etc.  I am working on really owning saying my name because it feels deeply important to me.