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Meet Rebecca

I have worked with hundreds of voices and I know how to “uncover” voices.

I have worked with many, many people who are afraid to be heard and I understand that fear.

I have seen their transformation and I want it for everyone.

I instinctively create a safe space for people to feel accepted.

I have been on the journey to fight for the right to be heard and to feel worth listening to.

From losing all of my confidence during my acting training, to completely losing my singing voice for over 6 months from what I now see as part of post natal depression, I understand being afraid and feeling vulnerable

I lived it, bought the t-shirt, (not quite), and even wrote the musical (yes really,  it’s called Baby Brained and it’s about post natal depression.  I was in the middle of touring it with Arts Council Funding till it was paused because of Covid lockdown). 

My most recent work where I own my voice is a show of original songs that have come to me since 2021.  The songs come to me when I am struggling and I like to think that when things are tough at least I get a song out of it. 

I work to embrace my challenges to be brave and a lot of the time I succeed. 

You’ll see a lot more about me on my facebook and Instagram and on my blogs.  – link to insta and facebook

This is a video where I share why I finally launched the business and why I took lots of silly photos of myself with an orange flower.


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